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10/23/2005: "I'm Your Villain"

I wrote my first college essay today. It was about "something important to me". So I wrote about Fair Trade. It actually came out better than I expected. I hope the others come out just as easily, but I guess we'll see.

Lizz and I watched G Gundam tonight. For being anime, and only moderate-quality anime at that, I really like that show. Like a lot.

Erin got 4th at Olathe Northwest. A tournament I got first at last year as a junior, she got fourth at as a sophmore. Way to be. I've trained her well.

On my way home tonight some asshole cut in front of me while I was singing Bowie. I pulled up along side him and flipped him off. It might have been wrong and immature, but it felt really satisfying.

Cowboys have little tolerance for road-way bullshit;
and paragraphs, for that matter.