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10/19/2005: "Life On Mars?"

Hey everybody.

You've probably been wondering why I haven't posted in a while. Truth is, the site was broken. That's why no one could post comments, and I also couldn't get in to post new topics. It should be fixed now though. Dunno why what happened happened, but I think it's been corrected.

I hate fixing the website though. I learned a whole bunch of new tricks and skills in order to get this Greymatter thing installed, and whenever it breaks down I've got to re-invent the god damn wheel to fix it. Let me tell you this: I'm not looking forward to the eventual move this coming summer to whatever new domain I end up picking, becuase not only will I have to reinvent the wheel, but probably electricity and indoor plumbing too. That's a ways off though.

Except it's not. I don't really remember freshman year, but I remember how I felt. I felt like I was never going to get out of highschool. Now here I am on the cusp of leaving and it's all gone so damn fast. I don't understand it though. Everyone feels this way. You're told that this is how you will feel. Yet, in all my schrewdness and scepticsm, I guess I thought I'd've seen it coming. I didn't. I got blindsided with nostalgia and it stings like when you remember a canker sore.

First quarter ended a few days ago. I'm fairly satisfied with the way my classes ended up turning out:
Government is entertaining, difficult, and empty at the same time.
Calculus is hard, except for the ocasional epiphany, which is abruptly crushed by an assignment, a quiz, and the final blow: a test. With each exam my interest in the beauty of a mathematical operation diminishes exponentially.
English is devoid of anything redeeming. (Ok, not exactly*)
Physics is easier for me than most, but still really hard. Anderson is fun, but his tallents as an educator remain thus far unrevealed.
Sailler makes "Adult Christian Living" bearable, mostly because he seldom teaches it.
Teaching novices can be a pain, but it's kinda neat to etch my weirdness onto young minds.
I have trouble getting my own work done in debate because I've got people asking me what to do every five minutes. Which is odd. That they want my help I mean.

I have written down here that I should speculate in this blog about the evaculation of New Orleans. That seems kind of pointless. The media has killed any novelty that situation once had and made it a big blame-Bush-FEMA-globalwarming-ourownincompetance-ordeal. I'm just sick of bitching about Bush. Not that I don't hate him, but it just seems like it's gotten to the point where we should just ignore him, and work around him. We should have assumed he'd botch hurricane relief, and gotten together a civilian core of sorts. We should've assume that he'll fuck up the supreme court nomination, and had all of congress throw their weight behind one person, and refuse to confirm anyone else.

There are ways to get around him, and I don't think we're taking advantage of it.

In other depressing news, some bastards had been siphoning off my bandwidth. In other words, using pictures on my website without my permission. I was very irate that they were stealing something I paid real, good money for, so I [fought back]. See if you can find what I did. Also see: Myspace sucking so much ass it's not even funny. [I looked around to find a well-written, critical article of MySpace, and all I found was some white-power messageboard talking about how myspace is infested with emo-jewish kids. Take a moment to let that sink in, and [read it] if you want. For more thoughts on the effects of white power campaigns, read Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man*]

The other day I was in a big hurry to get to work directly from school, so I took mission road to 75th. Something was messed up with the turn signal there, and I was stuck then behind like 6 or 7 other cars for quite a long time. Then, quite suddenly, the lead car guy in front had had it with this red-broken-turn-light bullshitery. He ran the light. And so did the next guy. And the next guy. And the guy after him. And the guy after him. And the next guy. And then the guy before me. And then me. And then the guy after me...

We had a red light mutiny.

This country needs a god damn red light mutiny.

If we all just fight the power, nobody's going to stop us.
At the very least we need a band called Red Light Mutiny.

I was driving Erin somewhere the other day, I got to thinking about how I'm kinda going to miss Kansas City when I leave for college. In all honesty this place kind of sucks. Crappy roads. High rates of singleness, obesity, and depression, as well, or so I'm told. No real claim to national fame. But I'm going to miss it anyway, the following things particularly:

Loose Park, esp. the ducks and frozen ponds
The Plaza, not even for the shops, but for the lights
Brookside, for not selling out
Olathe/Shawnee Mission/Merrium/Lenexa/Blue Springs/Lee's Summit, for selling out
The KS/MO rivalry, for distracting everyone from the fact that both suck equally, a lot
Meyer Circle, fountains
Ward Parkway Mall, aka "The Pheonix Mall That Would Not Die"

That's it for right now. But before I go I think I'm going to take pictures of all of those places so that I don't forget them. Like it or not, they formed me as a person. It'd be a shame to just forget about them.

At the time that's all I have to say. Comments should be back up again, so please leave your thoughts as well.

Out here we call them Cowboys.

Replies: 3 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

They should work now.

Said [Tom] on Wednesday, October 19th

Just wondering- Has anyone stolen any of my images?

If so, we should link them directly to "Tub Girl."

Revenge is sweet.

Said [Hank] on Wednesday, October 19th

we do have the largest (the only?) world war one memorial in the world.
we're known for our fountains and lighs.
we have terrible sports teams.
if i keep going,i would just go into things that i like about kansas city, and not what makes it famous, so i think i'll stop here.
also, hank, yes.

Said [rach] on Saturday, October 22nd