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10/29/2005: "Livin' On A Prayer"

So this week kinda sucked, but the past few days have rocked hard.

Lizz turned 18 on the 28th, so party there. Katie and I snagged embaressing childhood photos of her and photocopied them with snyde comments. It was pretty cool. I also gave here the most kickass birthday presents. Which were two books a shirt and a box. But they were all awesome.

Congradulaitons to Lizz as well as Matt on winning the Olathe South Debate Tournament. As in the whole damn thing. Way to be!

In a seeming turn for the worst, Eric Mertz didn't show up to debate in Baldwin. Normally I could care less, except this weekend he was supposed to be my partner. I was filling in for him because Katie Duncan couldn't go. Well... he left on thursday to go to frickin' NCYC (National crapping Catholic god damn Youth assing Confrence) [NCCGDYAC], and didn't bother to tell anyone. So yeah.

Instead of debating maverick they paired me up with this novice from Leavenworth who'd only been to one tournament, had no box, and knew practically nothing. A little, but not much. He was nice though, even though I was intimidated by his major moustache/gotee thing, so it was all good. We ran my case and I gave him turns to run as solvencies when we were neg.

Kathryn and Erin got 10th (4-1), so that was awesome.

Myself and Ben got 7th (4-1).

Me + Novice That Knows Nothing = 7th place.

The fact that Baldwin was the most screwball tournament I'd ever been to in terms of competition aside, I'm like the most awesome person I know. So I dunno, I thought that was kinda neat.

Since Ben and I didn't think we had a chance, I was in a kinda weird mood, where I just didn't care about anything. Also Matt Sinovic brought us bagels.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Synrome: Brought to you by McDonalds.

P.S. The Safari didn't blow out a tire this time.
Like it did that other time. In Derby.
Didn't blog about that. Should have.

...ok fine, I'll tell it: [None of us (Tom/Paula and Lizz/Matt) broke at the Derby tournament and it was really sad and when we were on our way back the tire on the Safari blew out on the highway. We almost died, it was sweet. Not as sweet as the AAA guy having no teeth though. That was amazing.]

My Cowboy Argument outweighs the disadvantage
because of the "sweet ass revolver" voter.

Replies: 5 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

Baby + beer can = best picture ever.

Oh, and congrats on db8.

Said [Katie] on Saturday, October 29th

wow. that was good times.

i haven't laughed as hard as i did with hot and fresh IBS man in like, decades.

you were totally rocking out to livin on a prayer in the safari. it was sweet.

Said [Emily] on Saturday, October 29th

The days of lizz are numbered, and coming to a close.

as a final gift, I leave,

Daylight savings!

P.S. best three days EVER.

Said [Lizz] on Sunday, October 30th

Lizz's birthday is the 28th of October? So is mine! Weird...

Glad you liked the bagel entertainment Tom, I'm honored just to be mentioned here.

Said [Sinovic] on Sunday, October 30th

Woooooah, we're halfway there...
And the headlines read: "Team Ben III/Tom reconvenes to take over Baldwin and murder Eric-- ALL IN ONE DAY!"

Said [Kathryn] on Tuesday, November 1st