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12/10/2004: "Paper Thin Walls"

I know it's been a really god damn long time since I've posted. Over break I'm going to do all sorts of magic and exciting things that you'll love to read about, and I'm going to go so far as to promise an entry every week during break. Hold me to it.

Today's entry will be subdivided into two categories: Content and News (About my side projects)

Starting with the content,

People search for websites, and sometimes they come across mine. This is what this month's searchers typed in, and clicked on my site for:

Search Strings:

1 191 76.71% emo
2 15 6.02% emo kid
3 13 5.22% emo kids
4 2 0.80% josh server shirtless
5 2 0.80% politics.brakblog.com
6 1 0.40% %22emo%22
7 1 0.40% adam meyers kansas city
8 1 0.40% aim overloading servers
9 1 0.40% baggin saggin barry
10 1 0.40% brakblog.com
11 1 0.40% constitusion of the united states
12 1 0.40% danny tamberelli shirtless pictures
13 1 0.40% dinosaur
14 1 0.40% dodge magnum alignment pulls to the right
15 1 0.40% emo cartoon
16 1 0.40% emo picture
17 1 0.40% emo.
18 1 0.40% ethan struby
19 1 0.40% ferris buller quote
20 1 0.40% gigapets ordering

Dear god. I hate people. And search results for that matter. So many questions have been left unanswered:

Why do emo kids read my site? (1-3, 15-17)
Who the hell is josh server? (4)
Who's looking for Adam Meyers? (7)
Who the FUCK is baggin saggin barry? (9)
Why would ANYONE want to see Danny Tamberelli shirtless? (12)
What dick out there bought a Dodge Magnum? (14)
Who's looking for Struby? (18)
What do I know about gigapets? (20)

This is just too weird.

I got inducted into the National Honor Society a while back. Apparently it's like really presdigious and stuff. At the ceremony they made us read this pledge:

Being aware of the honor which is being bestowed upon me by my selection for membership in the National Honor Society, I hereby pledge loyalty to this organization. It shall be my earnest purpose to give unsparingly of my time and energy toward the promotion of all school activities. I will strive to be at all times a model student, and will never knowingly bring reproach upon my school. I pledge myself to uphold the high purpose of this Society for which I have been selected, striving in every way, by word and deed, to make its ideals the ideals of my school and of my family life.

That sounded just the lead bit suspect to me. Especially the little bit in bold print. (I added the formatting) I wondered if everyone had to pledge to take a bullet for their school, so I looked up other chapter's pledges:

[Here's One]
[Here's Another]

Note the fact that neither of those are remotely as binding as the Albnus Maximus Dumbledorus (No clue what the real name is) chapter's is. Which kinda makes you wonder... if they could add all that in, why didn't I have to sign in blood?

The Miege musical was showing around then too, and it was totally awesome. Not that I actually went to all three showings or anything, but... oh. Snap. It was good though. I liked [Da Doo Ron Ron], especially when that take is sung by a barbershop quartette with questionable musical talent. [*rockfist*]

My grandma's 80-something birthday was a while ago and so that entire side of the family decided to take her out to dinner and suprise her when we all showed up. My aunt and uncle casually asked her where she wanted to go for her dinner, and her answer horrified everyone. Old Country (Now 'Home Town') Buffet.

Or as Lizz's family lovingly refers to it: Old Country Barffet.

And understandably so. I'd never been to one of these places, so I was just really confused as to why everyone was so judgemental of it. I asked my mom on the way there what it was like. She said "It's just a bunch of old people. And they're all eating corn and stealing dinner rolls." On the way there as well, Laura and Becca called me and asked what I was doing, I told them where I was headed, and Laura replied, "My grandpa likes that place a lot." Oh snap.

It was everything it was built up to be and more. I started to gaze around myself in wonder at the sheer amount of white trash there was in this place. (Somewhere there's a trailer park getting robbed by the inhabitants of a less-classy trailer park) And those that weren't trashy were old. It wasn't a happy place. We had time to kill, to I started playing with the sugar packets. Writing messages on them and putting them back. I even went so far as to open one up and make snorting-lines with it, but Erin kept messing them up.

My grandma got some baloons when she came, becuase it was her birthday or whatever. Before we went to eat, she pulled two of them down in front of her and excitedly exclaimed "hooters!" before letting them go and having them float back up the ceiling. She then proceeded to tell me how her and my aunts went to Hooters one time and how it wasn't that awesome. *stabs face*

Midway through the meal, as I was realing back out of a chocolate-milk-overdose, I came to a horrific conclusion. As my head was spinning about, I saw many things: babies covered in food, lamps warming the food that belonged on top of lizard cages, and white people with cornrows. It then occured to me the awful secret Old Country Buffet was hiding... Deep in those vats of mass produced food lurks components of the primordial soup of life. Putting them under the heat lamps rapidly accellerates growth, and the babies crawl right out of the barrels of hamburger meat and fried "shrimp". They then, having no other place to go, stay in the Buffet, and grow up into adults. The mark they bear as a sign of their origin is the cornrows.

At this point, I wasn't feeling to good, so I drank another pint of chocolate milk and blacked out. I woke up covered in corn with my parents trying to pour coffee down my throat. Needless to say, I kind of ruined the evening.

Onto a different topic, like the fact that my bulk mail folder has exceeded 1000 items. This makes me want to kill several puppies so that I have something to compare the sadness of it to. Albeit, I've had my address for like... 4 years now? Feels a lot longer than it sounds. Lots of junk mail though, and I think spam should be illegal.

I was listening to the radio at work the other day and I head some add for these things called "Bling Tones". I can't find them anywhere on the internet anymore, but aparently it was yet antoher attempt for a big corportation (Sprint) to cash in on hip things stolen from african american culture (See: Bling). It just made me really mad when I heard it, becuase there aren't any ring tones for hip white people are there?

Actually... [God Damn.]

As for My Side Projects:

First off we've got [I Miss Nixon]. After the election, as you probably read in the last post, I decided to start a blog with a politically oriented vibe. It's still in the earlier phases [parts still need formatting], but we've already got a considerable amount of content, so go check it out, and please leave comments. The entire point is to generate liberally biased discussion. Or just discussion. We'll take what we can get.

Second thing being I finally finished typing up my screenplay. The finished draft ended up being around 60 pages, so it's a bit of a read. It's called [Waking Up], and when we start actually getting geared up to make this film (fingers crossed) we'll post information there.

Third: Remember a long time ago when I started a Movie Review section? I've been slowly updating portions of it. Logan's Run has been up, and now you get my brief takes on 'Throw Mamma from the Train', 'Slackers', and 'All the President's Men'. I know that's not much, but you're obviously bored if you're reading this, and they're all up for review. I just watched "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" on cable, so I'll try and review that one for next time.

Again, sorry for not updating in like... forever.
School's been a bitch, etc.

Right now though, it's time
for this cowboy to saddle up
and hit the ol' dusty trail.

Replies: 4 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

josh server was one of the original cast members of all that.

Said [rachel] on Friday, December 10th

The baby thing. It's in my profile on aim now. I didn't say it was you who said it, either.

Said [josh] on Saturday, December 11th

i wrote a horrendously long comment on saggin baggin barry. he was one of keenan's characters on all that.

Said [sean] on Sunday, December 12th

oh man!!!!
and then he met saggin baggin mary, and she beat him and made him really sad and then they got married.
i remember that.

Said [rachel] on Monday, December 13th