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07/21/2004: "Float On"

At the start of the writing of this entry, it was 10 O'clock PM, CST. My sleep cycle is royally fucked, I've got a quite a lot to bitch about, and I still need to get the movie review section set up. With a modest mouse CD on loop and half a gallon of Straberry Banana Juice, we may just make it yet...

So yeah. This time last week this woman from the dry cleaners calls me at some ungodly hour in the morning (like 9 AM, WTF?!) and tells me they're interviewing for jobs. Kickass, I think. I hurriedly threw out my application to Taco Bell (it'd been a bad week, ok?) and took a shower and got dressed and drove over there. Turns out this place is in like the fuck of wherever at 106th and Roe. Fwee! Talk about a commute. Anyway, long story short, I ended up getting the job.

So I am now an official time-carded employee of the Foxhill branch of Tower Cleaners. Don't come visit me though, not that you were going to (assholes), because I'd get in loads of trouble. Can I tell you something though: There is so much more than you'd think that goes into the dry cleaning industry. I'd get into it, but I realize that from an outsider's standpoint, it's grossly disinteresting information. All the tagging and logging and filing and stamping and smiling and being nice and acting like I'm glad to see people I've never met before...

I swear this is going to be the end of me. Radiskull, Lord of All that is Good and Awesome on this plain of reality, is working as Counter-Boy at the dry cleaners. Not that it isn't a good gig as far as jobs go, but geez: You can never really respect your parents giving you a monthly sum for sitting around and squandering a giant chunk of free time until that wonderful privilage is gone. Which it is now for me, and hence I am miserable.

On a related note: today I sustained my first work-related injury. I somehow managed to slice my thumb shallow enough so it won't bleed, but the cut itself is really long, so it's all "Oh my god doesn't that hurt?!" "No! ROFL!!!!1!!1!1" (Like I said, this weeks been fucked up). The point being: I want to sue for compensation, but I think I'd have to cough up a lung before that will actually work. Advice from the Radiskull on this whole working ordeal:


I've recently revisited an old love of mine... Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. If you haven't tried it, I've included [full instructions] for getting to the official room of The Brak Blog. If you're already a member of the IRC-Dork club, the room we're using at present is "#awesome" on the Esper.net server. In an effort to coerse a bunch of people to get behind a project that I believe in and they probably don't, I'm holding an official birthday party for the Brak Blog [and Annie's as well, seeing as we started the same day] in the IRC room on July 25th, at 3 PM.

There will be food and games and pretty people for you to mingle with/hit on. I promise. And only through the Magic of IRC will this celebration be possible. We'll sit around and congradulate ourselves on another year of semi-entertaining blogdom, and clink our glasses together, cheering on yet another, with possibly *gasp* more profanity. Or perhaps more content. Or maybe more of both, and maintain the same ratio we've got now. I can't decide.

I was contemplating the annomoly of anti-semitism the other day, and I got to thinking about what could possibly motivate people to hate the Jews. I mean for God's sake, they played a big part in allowing Charlton Heston to make The Ten Commandments (Heston is a dick, but that movie rocks hard), and that would be enought to forgive them for any attrocity. The funny thing being, the Jews collectively haven't done jack shit to piss anyone off. Ok, so there was that deal way back when, when they showed up and claimed divine ownership of land that was already occupied, but that's all in the past, so where do people get off hating on the Jewish people?

Oh yeah. The middle eastern deal. Hmmm....

I don't know. What I do know though, is that Kosher shit is weird as hell. I mean who thinks that up?! It's almost as entertaining as Pepsi being in the corporate-scummy-hotel-bed with the Mormon Church, if not moreso. The whole deal is they can't eat meat and dairy products together. If I had to do that I'd probably just... I dunno, open a Jewish Sandwhich shop, or something sickly ironic like that. Because I really don't have anything better to do.

I had my braces taken off a couple of years ago, which was nice. With that though came my retainers, which are essentially plastic casts of my teeth that I have to wear at night, lest they slide back down the slippery slope to the cross-bite. Anyway, I hate these things, but they suck somewhat less than braces, so I wear them anyway. The other night I had them in as usual, and having just finished my first day of work a few hours earlier, I fell asleep unusually fast.

The next morning I woke up with something hard and kinda sharp poking into my foot. Thinking it was a stray lego or something I reached down to the end of the bed to get it... to my horror my hand retrieved one of my plastic retainers. Gross. Thinking the worst was over, I returned to sleep. Waking up a few hours later, and realizing I should get up for work eventually, I got up and stumbled into the bathroom. There, in the sink, was the other retainer.

My mind can only begin to fathom how these two items came to be where they were. I'm betting I turn into a werewolf after I eat mexican food or something, and they fell out as I was stalking around, being all were-wolfy, you know? Come to think of it, that'd be really cool. Someone buy me mexican then watch me as I sleep in a pet carrier or something, and we can see what happens.

I know I mentioned throwing together the movie review section last week. I've been more strapped for time than I initally anticipated, so it's not really done, but you can see what it'll [look like]. I just got to thinkin' how I'm going to work that. Frames will be involved. *pisses self with excitement* Frames are only really fun if you have ad-free webspace, which I've had for some time now, and kinda forgot to look into. In any case, those could be time-comsuming in a fun sort of way, so I'll keep you posted as far as development is concerned.

For now though, here's a review of
Quality: 4/5
Group Fun: 4/5
Single Fun: 4/5
Overall-Awesomeness: 5/5

This movie kicked some serious ass. I can see why it only got critically acclaimed reviews, as opposed to the raving masses' approval, because the raving masses are just to stupid to understand it. The characters are refreshingly unique, and the fact that it's poking fun of Jesus-freaks (something we've all wanted a film devoted to do for a LONG time) just makes it that much better. Plus Jena Malone is a fox. Stone cold fox. ...just thought I'd throw that out there.

A general announcement: The Blog is turning 2 on the 24th. Formal celebrations, as mentioned above, will be held on the 25th. If you are in a position to retrospect, please do so. I'll put up a special, sugar-coated, content-less-post on that day, so all birthday related comments and well-wishing should go there. [Now just watch, the only person who's going to visit that day will be Herr Raus, my nazi stalker. And he'll get all "Nazi's are kickass!" and I'll have to kill him and it'll be a big fuckin' mess. Keep Tom off the rampage: post birthday comments.]

Cowboys watch movies that suck
Just so they get to shoot the TV

They can do that, you know.

Replies: 3 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

1. Hooray for this upcoming double-blog birthday!

2. The worst movie I have ever seen is "Max Keeble's Big Move." Not only was it full of the most cliqued school stereotypes ever (i.e. being thrown in dumpsters, giant auditoriums with every kid in the school watching a single event), but it was disgustingly predictable. If I had my list, that one would go under "worst."

3. I remember Jena Malone from Stepmom.

4. I hope your friends stop by and drop off their coats to dry clean. They can put in a good word for you with the management.

Said [Annie] on Friday, July 23rd

The first post that I'm not mentioned in since, december.

I think you should know that your readers will not be satisfied with this.

Said [Lizz] on Saturday, July 24th

People from the other side of the state sense there's attraction involved.

Said [Josh] on Saturday, July 24th