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03/23/2004: "Breakthrough"

Well children, welcome to the new blog.

We're officially hosted now, www.BrakBlog.com.

This is basically a filler entry so I get greymatter up and working.

Sad to say, I jacked up GM on the old blog, so this new blog won't be directly linked to all the old entries, but I'll figure out some way to get them all in the same place, for your reading convenience.

Replies: 10 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

YAY for Tom's blog! I missed it!

Said [Becca] on Tuesday, March 23rd

how does it feel to have the power of a clean domain of your own?

Said [sean] on Tuesday, March 23rd

Pretty darn good, right?

Said [sean] on Tuesday, March 23rd

ooh, this is very spiffy tom.

Said [Brigid] on Tuesday, March 23rd

:( ;) :P :angry: :blush: :confused: :cool: :crazy: :cry: :doze: :hehe: :hehe: :laugh: :plain: :rolleyes: :satisfied: :) :O :O :confused:


Said [sean] on Tuesday, March 23rd

go mordecai!

Said [rachel stardust] on Tuesday, March 23rd


Said [Japper] on Wednesday, March 24th

i like this new comment thing...its very spiffy and organized...(good job tom it looks pretty...yay for new blog site!)

Said [Laura] on Thursday, March 25th

;) Dude, you have smilie options. :rolleyes:

This makes commenting worthwhile. :cool: :P

It's like a guessing game to see which one you get. :O :crazy: :P :blush:

Said [Someone who is not Lizz] on Thursday, March 25th

the smilies aren't working for me. that's sad.

Said [someone who really is not lizz!] on Saturday, March 27th