DVD Release

In the past, all M30 Productions films/shorts/attemps-at-not-sucking have been released online at Sean's Movie Page. During the fall of 2005 we will be releasing seveal of these on a collection DVD. The cost of this particular release will be based on what we need to cover the cost of making the disks.

The eventual release for Waking Up will be somewhat different though. With screen time estimates ranging from 2 hours, 20 minutes to the more realistic 1 hour, 30 minutes, there's no way this can be supported online within BrakBlog's current bandwidth restrictions. The only way you can see the film then is if by purchasing the DVD release.

It will most likely be a bit more expensive than the anthology of our shorts, just because we'd like to cover some of the costs that this movie is going to inevitably sustain (Feeding the cast/crew, buying a new mic, blank DVDs, etc.)

When we finally complete the film and editing and post-production madness, you can place orders here.