Fred Kozlov is a respected university professor. He made a name for himself a few years ago by perfecting a means by which to remember one's dreams, called the Kozlov Method. That, however, was almost 7 years ago. Since then Prof. Kozlov has been working a mundane job as the overseer of routine experimentations conducted by students concerning sleep studies.

It was then, while examining one such study, he noticed a strange consistancy in a remote region of the brain. This then leads him, and a student, Malcom Arnold, on a journey to seek out a strange scientist in Nevada, the only one to have ever done extensive research on that particular part of the brain. The catch being, this strange pseudo-scientist was looking for the human soul...

The story only twists further, as Kozlov and Arnold make startling discoveries that have them borrowing from phsyics and theology alike to explain. Ultimatly they're led to a startling conclusion that a person's dreams are really just windows into other realities that are similar to our own; so similar that we are able to catch glimpses of them, but only in the realm of our subconscious.

This summer M30 Productions is embarking on a film project of uncommon magnitude. We hope you'll continue to check back on our progress, and we look forward to showing you the final cut.

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