Welcome to the Labarynth of Random and Weird shit I've collected. Technically this should go under the page with Pictures that Prove I'm Mentally Unsound, but I haven't been 'busted' for this form of FREE SPEECH yet, so here you go:

This is the actual image that I have taped to my door. You get the idea. This is mentioned in the May 5th post, as is the above image.
Yup. This is my door. Kind of.
A little diagram of reverse schedule at school. Narration provided in the May 13, 2003 entry. Think thats twisted? Well, logically, if we reverse that diagram, we should get a normal day, right? Check it out.
Just another weird picture. Chris Martella, who drew almost all the illustration non-computer stuff on this site, made this in spoofery of Japanese Anime.
This is a note that was affixed to Lizz's Capri Sun Big Pouch by her mom on the day after Ash Wednesday. For this, and a certain un-named cookie-incident, we have voted Lizz's mom to be the most bitter, vengeful, and clever mom of the former half of the year.
BestBuy discovers 'Emo Music'... I procede to mock both BestBuy and Emo Kids alike.

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