These are some pictures with a winter/holiday edge to them. I felt compelled to compile.
For more winter-time fun, check out [Antarctica Blues].

I needed to kill the roll of film outside the photo place. I took this through the sunroof and it turned out kinda nice.
It snowed and I was in awe of the beauty. So I photographed it, so that you might be awed as well.
Yes... The Beauty. Full of Awe. As in AWEFULL.
Fingers... so cold. This picture is cold. Like my dead heart.
Hank came over on that first snow day. He ended up helping me shovel my driveway. Then we pretended like we were senior girls and decorated my car. LOLZROFLMAO. Seniors RULE!
Sometimes I'm so clever it hurts.
This is not one of those times.

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