To exit via arrows, quickly either A) Karate Chop the door open, or B) Back-hand that bitch until she swings off her hinges...

Either one is fine.
UNLESS the door is on fire. In that case, only option B) will be effective.
Psh, like every good american doesn't already know how to drop to the recieving position and then cry hysterically. Who do they think we are?!
Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer Gooooooooooooo!
If you are the size of Gozilla, burn square holes into the corner of Main and Boradway with your laser eyes. It's for the good of the country. Really.
Don't set your house on fire. It only stokes the wrathful anger of the terrorists!
Blow a whistle. If you lack a whistle, shave your head and scream.
No fuck. You think so?
Cardboard protects from radiation. Only in an environment lacking ceilings and floors though.
Missouri has hospitals in the boondocks. Houston, Texas is radio active. Come on, which one's better now?

It all made sense right up until here. Who in their right mind would set a dozen sticks of TNT next to bird-food-container-sized buckets of radioactive materials? Come on, people... Americans may be illiterate, we may be envirionmental assassins, hell we even kill eachother, but only some kind of foreigner would do something this fucking crazy...

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