On a fateful day in forensics class, freshman year, the O Great and Powerful Joe Heschmeyer bestowed upon a group of lowly freshman the secret of a game. A game so entertaining and distracting that it was soon banned from that said forensics class. However, it has since resurged, and I felt inclined to share its entertainment-value with the rest of the world.


The Rules

OBJECT... The object of the game is essentially to play a game of 'telephone' on paper. No one really wins, but the funnier the deterioration of the Intial Phrase, the better.

EQUIPMENT... One piece of paper, pens.

PREPARATION... Set your game up so that all the players can reasily pass the paper to one another, and make sure each has a suitable writing surface.

THE PLAYERS... There are two ways in which the game can be played. One entails a large group of 11-15 players, so that the loss of the Intial Phrase is almost gaurenteed. This way is usually best, provided everyone is familiar with play. However, if you need to teach the game to someone, or learn it yourself, or simply don't have that many people available to you, groups of 4-6 work best.

THE PLAY... Before the game starts, decide the order in which you're going to pass the paper. It is essential that this order remain constant for the duration of the game. The game starts when the first person writes down the Initial Phrase. The paper is then passed to the next person, who will draw a picture of what the phrase says.

Now, before the second person hands it off to the third, they must fold the paper so that the Initial Phrase is no longer visible, and only the first picture can be seen by the third person. The paper is then passed to the third person who writes a Subsequent Phrase describing the first picture. Upon handing the paper off to the fourth person, the paper must be folded so only the Subsequent Phrase may be seen.

This type of alternation goes on until the entire paper is filled, front and back.

THE INITIAL PHRASE... There are no specific requirements on what an Initial Phrase must contain, but as is the rule of thumb in this game, the more random the better.

PICTURES... Pictures should be drawn in such a way that they don't take up an excessive amount of space on the paper [so as to provide for the most turns per piece of paper]. No real drawing tallent is required, only enough so that you can pictoraly represent the previous Phrase. Any sort of text is prohbited in pictures.

SUBSEQUENT PHRASES... These are all the other phrases in the game besides the Initial one. There are no real limits on these either, you must simply describe the best you can in words what you saw in the above picture. If the player simply ignores the above picture and writes a random phrase, then this is cheating. Similarly, ignoring the previous phrase and drawing an totally random picture is also cheating.

CHEATING... There are some who would choose to disgrace the awesome power of EPYC, by the means listed above, or by looking uncessicarily at previous writings or drawings purposfully before the game has been completed. If one is found by the entire concensus of the group to be guilty of this charge, then a special sequence is initiated.

By all members of the game except the one in question, a special game of EPYC is held. The Initial Phrase is to be "Painful Ways to Die", and the game carries out as usual. The cheater is then submitted to whatever fate the final picture or phrase describes. May god help them...

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