If you'll recal the March 27th 2003 post, I caused a bit of ruckus when the school system thought I was drawning evil pictures that expressed my inner desire to kill. Psh. Yeah right. Anyhoo, just so I can show you I'm not really (that) crazy, I decided to post my evil pictures up here for the world to see. Enjoy. And remember, "I *Heart* Satan".

Exibit A-
Me next to some algebra equasions dressed as Spike from Bebop holding a gun. Mind you this was in there a good 3 months before they got mad.
Exibit B-
A poem about windows. It's a little weird I warrent, but its not much different then me carying around 1984 or writing an anarchy symbol on my hand.
Exibit C-
Yet another poem about reducing the cloud population. This was the only thing I thought would bother them because it's a bit vulgar. No one can see through to the humor these days...
Exibit D-
Here is me portraying evil characters such as Pikachu, Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, a Ninja, and an Emo Kid just to name a few. The part they were really miffed about was the last one. It's me and Molly getting shocked by a plasma ball. They though we were doing shrumes. I hate the administration.
Exibit E-
Ever seen those commercials for Philidelphia Cream Cheese commericals with the angels? That's where this came from, except I'm a commando angel. In the bottom right is the "Creamy Anthem." A code that all comando angels live by. Morals Damnit!

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