A long, long time ago I comissioned Chris Martella to make some drawings of people we knew. He accepted but because I'm so damn lazy, they only made it up here just recently, so here they are.

The biggest jerk in the world... Mr. Mike Bohati.
Chirs Martella, who's last name I used to think was Martell-oh
Remember all those times I babble on about the totally-rad Ethan Struby! Well here he is! [RudeboyDeathAx not included]
Molly McSorely as a hyper-bad-ass ninja assassin. She's got skill.
The chair-nazi. This lady is just like... so totally evil. She's all 'sit in yo' chai' foo! And I'm all like no way! And she's all like I kill you Blood! Werd to your biological mother.
Tanner Fox. The first new friend I made in like 8 years. He really is that cool of a person. Damn sexy fine too...

I'll probably bother Chris to make more pictures when school starts back up, so maybe there will be more friends here at some point.

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