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07/25/2003 Archived Entry: "Long Line of Cars"

Well, today was very, very interesting.

Early in the morning we attempted a Linux instal.
Me and my uncle had trouble, so we called in Svadlenak.
He was helpful, until Linux corrupted some files, and we had to quit the install.

Needless to say, Windows was a mess, and now the Radiskull can't listen to any of his 362 MP3's because the sound files are fizucked. This is what I get for trying to betray windows for linux. I get bitch-slapped; by an operating system no less. I am so incredibly sad.

I've also taken to wearing my coat again. My fleece coat that goes well with my dark blue jeans and my shoes that I wear all the time anyway. I forgot how much I enjoyed the single 'ensemble' I was able to coordinate. When I grow up, I'll be like a cartoon character. I'll wear the same outfit all the time, and just have a closet full of the exact same thing. I like this idea more and more as I think it over in my head...

Random Fact: I freaking HATE Kirsty Allie.

I also got some new manga today, and I got email from amazon.com saying that my cowboy bebop episodes/movie shipped. Both of these things made me happy. So happy I had cause for celebration.

And what does celebration mean?! I eat. As of late I am always hungry. I could eat like 3 sandwhiches, and an hour later, I could eat 3 more. It's disgusting. So I made my special dish. You get some macaroni and cheese, doesn't matter what kind, then you throw in a meat product of some kind [I like peperoni], then you dump in your favorite kind of salad dressing [I like ranch]. Then you stir it all up with a big spork kinda thing.

It's really good, I enjoyed it. When I got hungry later on, I ate the keebler cracker things. They were like club or whatever. They have to have been in our cabinet for a good year or so, but they tasted fine so I ate all of them.

So here I am. My computer is fucked, I'm still hungry, and I'm running out of summer to make my movie. Does this suck or what? Oh well. After watching a lot of TV, I picked up some interesting words of wisdom.

Trent: I have to go Daria, I'm late.
Daria: How do you know that? You never wear a watch.
Trent: It's because I'm always late. I don't wear a watch because it depresses me.
Daria: Somehow... that makes perfect sense.

Leave this Cowboy comments and maybe he'll father your children.
Or maybe not. I sometimes get distracted, which is why cowboys make horrible parents.

Replies: 3 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

I FUCKING HATE KIRSTIE ALLIE. she was on my list of the 5 things i hate, but then i took her off and replaced her with "forgetting things".

Posted by hope @ 07/27/2003 05:27 PM CST

yo, bitchface, we need to get together and watch akira and work on debate and shit.
whenever we do the debate thing, we need to call joe devine.

Posted by ethan @ 07/27/2003 01:26 PM CST


Posted by Josh @ 07/26/2003 10:37 PM CST