Tuesday, December 13th

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Born In A Fleamarket

So yeah. See that big empty thing in the far off distance? That's the month of November. Sorry.

I've got a big list of things to rant about, and I'll try to go in semi-chronological order.

So I got a new toy the other day. It's a clone trooper from Revenge of the Sith, and it's 'super articulated' according to the box. 14 articulatable points to be exact. It's amazing. I was so thrilled with it that I brought it to school the next day. And took it everywhere. To every class. I got some interesting reactions from my teachers:

Mr. Riley:
"Hey. Tom. You ah... you do know you've got'a stormtrooper. Right?"
"Okay. Good deal."

Mrs. Hurst:
"Aww! A stormtrooper! He's so cute!"
"Actually it's a clonetrooper..."
"*goes off into long involved story about how her sister is some giant Star Wars nut"
"*Laughs cordially and tries to not fail calc.*"

Mrs. Edmonds:
Didn't notice at all. I could bring live giraffes in there and she still wouldn't have a clue.

Mr. Anderson:
"Well hey Tom. That's kinda neat."
"I know. He's got 14 points of articulation."
"[feigning excitement] Waaaaahow! Fourteen?"
"*tries to pretend like he's not legitimately impressed*"

Mr. Sailler:
I think he just comes to expect this sort of thing from me after a while.

Mrs. Reynolds:
*shakes head*
*shakes head and ignores my antics*

I think we're getting a digital camera for christmas. I think. So I should have visuals of Clonetrooper and co.'s adventures over break. [Also! I got a Aile Striker Gundam. From some show I've never seen. It's a damn cool toy though, so there'll be pictures of that too.]

Thanksgiving happened a while ago. We cooked our own turkey. We also gutted the damn thing. It was the single most traumatizing experiance of my life. I walk into the kitchen all groogy to watch the stupid baloon float things, and I see this cascade of turkey-innards come spashing down into the kitchen sink as my mother and father poke into the birds cavity-thing.

Then they "found" the gizzard. I almost lost it right there. I'll go to frickin' KFC next year. That was just way, way too much.

So I got accepted to two colleges so far. Mizzou and Truman. Both I wouldn't mind, but I'm still holding out for some of my bigger ones, mainly Chicago, who's supposed to contact me this week. I'm really crapping nervous. Even then there's the whole money situation... blah.

I bought a ring to replace my old one. My old one, I should add, was the wire part of a twist-tie that Lizz found somewhere and gave to me. I wore it for like... half a year before it finally fell appart. I tried other twist-ties, but they sucked, so I just bought a ring.

It's broken twice and I've had to get superglue to fix it. Both the glue and the fixing were a royal pain in my ass, but I do like the ring.

It's winter now. I like the cold. I like the snow. Even the hazardous road conditions and increased statistical likelihood of house fires make the season a bit more exciting. Most of the best parts of my entire life happened during the winter. I also like it best becuase of Christmas Break. An Oasis of slothliness amidst the hussle and bussle of the academic year.

New Year's, on the other hand, I fucking hate. The whole "turnover" thing has always been a problem for me. By the time I finally get used to writing '2005' on the date, it's time to write '2006'. Blah. It's like having the Y2K virus ever year. In other words, I'm an idiot.

The final little announcement here is M30 Productions managed to squeeze out another film. Myself and Hank acting mostly as the talent, Katie and Carol on set design, Sean on editing and cinematography, and Ethan as our... literary consultant, put together a little project for Mrs. Edmonds's english class. Sean doesn't have the official page up yet, so here's the direct link: [Hamlet: As Presented By Star Wars Action Figures]

(NOTE: Even on a fast connection, this'll take about two minutes to download. I suggest saving it to your harddrive and deleting it when you're done. It'll save our bandwidth and make it easier for you to view. At 13:41, it's our -second (Thanks, Sean)- longest film yet.)

It's a Trap, cowboy!

As was prophesized by Tom at 12:55 AM CST
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