Saturday, November 12th

::The Brak Blog::


I hate the college application process so much.

I also hate FastWeb with a burning passion.

I was cleaning all the carbon-scoring-college-crap from my inbox when I came accross this really weird e-mail:

Car brother state, as. Seven power, ear get. If two get. Listen
mother place good, system. Region street, space eye name, those.
Found show all. Cover doctor main straight. Minute, bright catch
stick brother under. Key man best. He word, most grow, run. Four
west, run car I hot either. A few them, sky, sky very here. Out
once at, body face, fact. Still should last wrong six. Root form

What the hell could that mean?

It seems kinda artsy. I think I'll submit it to facets.

Lizz and Erin and I all got Chinese and watched Star Wars after part I of the SME tournament. It was fun, right up until the point where I realized I could quote 20-minute stretches of A New Hope all on my own. I don't know what that means.

Matt Sinovic demanded this entry, so if it sucks, blame him.

This cowboy's off to sleep.

As was prophesized by Tom at 02:06 AM CST
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