Sunday, March 12th

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Sweet Troubled Soul

Alright so I had a super weird dream, and this is how it went:

Mrs. Husrt was taking us to Europe for spring break, but the administration was trying to shut us down! So we carefully planned our escape. We stashed our bags in our lockers on a spirit shirt day so we were already dressed down.

We brainstormed of ways to get past the security cameras. Hank and I suggested chaff grenades, a la Metal Gear Solid, but they were to expensive. In the end, Mrs. Hurst just decided to cut the power to the school. Sometime during third hour, the whole place went dark, that was our que. Everyone in the goup slipped out of their classes and got their things. But our escape wasn't as easy as we'd hopped. Mr. Bohati was roaming the halls with floodlights attached to his back! I barrel-rolled across the hallway to aviod him and slammed though the side doors out into the sweet mid-day air.

It was raining a little bit.

Mrs. Hurst was standing behind the building with the rest of our group, but Lizz was missing. I grabbed my MagLite and twirlled it all bad-ass-like around my hands sort of like a lightsaber. I told Pood (James Redler) that we were going back in. He howled. That's why I was taking him. He could make good animal noises that would scare people in the dark. Mrs. Hurst said she'd bring the car around.

Pood and I went back into the building. It was still dark. We made our way to the basement, and eventually ran into Lizz. Right about then though, the lights started to come back on. We all made a run for it, but James was the only one fast enough to get back outside before the lights came back on. Lizz and I couldn't risk being seen on the cameras, so we had to get that power back off again somehow. Already in the basement, we made our way to the custodian's hallway.

Just as we were making our way down it, an 8 foot tall, very old but skinny african american man with a funny moustache came walking up it speaking into his walkie-talkie that power had been restored. Mr. Bohati responded with his thanks and that he'd caught a few kids trying to escape! Lizz and I ducked into the nearest room and stayed very quiet. After we heard him leave we made our way to the very back of the custodial hallway.

We passed some very, very strange stuff. Science experiments, operating tables, very bizzare. We got to the very back though that had a circuit breaker. Lizz started flipping the switches. I pulled her back and said "wait," as I rose my MagLite to the sky. I proceeded to pummel the circuit breaker with the only flashlight known to man that doubles as a weapon and lives to tell the tale. The world fell again into darkness. Click on the flashlight, and off we went.

At this point, the dream turned into one of those awful ones where you're in an endless maze trying to get out. We hit dead ends and explored parts of the school that I know for a fact do not exist. Children were running everywhere. Lizz dropped her messager bag once. The MagLite was starting to lose battery power! Just then I heard the crackle of Mr. Bohati's walkie talkie and saw the sweeping of his floodlights (still shoulder mounted). This was getting bad. We had to get out.

Suddenly we burst into an open hallway, no children, but Bohati hot on our tails. We started running, and running fast. I threw my flashlight down the hallway behind us with all my might in some vain attempt to run faster and distract our pursuer. I'm not sure if it worked becuase at that moment the double doors at the end of the pitch-dark hallway flew open, flooding the place with the dim light of the rainy outside world.

A sillouetted Ethan Struby stood there, in black pants and black shoes, with a black wifebeater on. Black leather jacket slung over his back. He motioned for us to come outside, we continued running until we reached him. We all got into the station wagon that was parked there in the practice field of Miege. Mrs. Hurst applied a liberal and positive rate of change to our velocitiy and we peeled out of there.

It was a very, very strange dream. I could go into analyzing it, but I just thought I'd share it instead. I'll be in New York City until Thursday, but I should have plenty to write about when I return.

I'm convinced cowboys invented the MagLite.
You know... to replace the revolver.

As was prophesized by Tom at 09:28 AM CST
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Wednesday, March 8th

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Heat of the Moment

mrah. I feel so gross.

1. Computer has been making progressively more annoying/scary noises in the past two weeks. Tonight it actually sounded like something was grinding... which is never good. So I cracked open not just the case, but the power supply. For those not in the know, opening the case is nothing, however, the power supply is labled "Do Not Remove This Cover: Hazardous Area"... so what'd I do? I opened it. Once I was in there, I detached the cooling fan and cleaned it. This had to be the problem becuase the thing has no other moving parts, and sound requires a vibration which implies movement.

This seems to have fixed the problem, but I was covered, quite literally, in dust.
So (2.) I figured this was a good time to clean up cat hairballs. Gross.

I washed up and now here I am, room smelling of cleaner and computer as quiet as a mouse *crosses fingers*, but I still feel kinda... bleh.

Earlier today I went to the post office to get a money order to send to this guy for something I won on eBay [Retired Lego Y-Wing and TIE Figher, NewInBox, for the curious]. It took for crapping ever. They had one lady running the entire post office and like 5 people that all needed passports. I waited 25 minutes and was way late to work, but I'll be damned if I don't get that glorious Y-Wing.

Also en route from an earlier eBay experiance is a Red Clone Commander! I've been looking for this guy everywhere, and now I'm finally gonna have him! Commander Cody (an Orange Clone Commander) comes out next month, so soon my collection will be all they more complete. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green) I know the special ops troopers are blue, and I could live without a violet one; perhaps a black Utapau Shaddow Trooper would make an adequate replacement...

In any case, spring break is coming up soon, and I'm going to New York City! I've never been before, so this should be educational. Like any place I visit for longer than 5 hours I'll probably want to live there by the time we're ready to leave, but I guess we'll see.

State Debate was a while ago; I was a component of the 4-Speak team. Paula and I didn't drop a single round, and as a whole we got 13-1, giving us first place in all 5-A over Blue Valley West, who we were pretty worried about. The real funny part was that we beat their neg team with their own case that we stole and made better. Paula and I joke that it's the equivalent of cutting someone's leg off and beating them to death with it. Morbid but true.

I also qualified to state champs in Domestic Extemp, which is neat, but means I'm going to have to work on it a lot more, which is less neat. I'm ready to lay down and die I'm so done with working. This is especially bad for several upcoming forensics reasons:

1. I need an info written by Thursday
2. Memorized by Saturday
3. PFD topic I haven't researched at Blue Valley
4. NFL Congress
6. NLF Individual Events (More DX...)

4, 5, and 6 determine whether or not I get a free vacation to Dallas during the summer, which makes me really, really nervous.

I was reading the news and a headline read

Woman loses frozen embryos fight

but I read

Woman loses frozen embryos IN fight

and was about to explode with entertainment.

I've been playing a lot of video games lately. PS2 mostly. Thomas lent me Battlefronts II and I've been slowly but surely getting better at it. I also bought GTA: Vice City and killed people/blew things up until I got Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty at which point I killed people/blew things up... just much more quitely than before.

Hank and I are putting together a One-Act Play for the spring One-Acts at Miege. It's an interpretation of an Edward Gorey choose-your-own-adventure thing: very, very weird. Given my potentially huge level of involvement, EVERYONE is required to come see this. I'll post more details later.

My final note will be that this is my triumphant return to blogging. As part of lent/friendly wager, Laura and Lizz bet me 10 dollars each that I couldn't blog twice a week for all of lent. This is the first full week, and this is post number one, and I'll be damned if I don't get my 20 bucks. (I could also use the cash because bills for the webhosting of this monster are due at the end of March... yuck.) So you'll be seeing a lot more of me this month in particular, and hopefully in the future.

"What's a cowboy gotta do to get some respect?!"
-Have homoerotic relations with Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger-
"Somehow that seems counter-intuitive..."

As was prophesized by Tom at 01:22 AM CST
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