Sunday, March 20th

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I felt like blogging today, even though I've got no post-its or anything. So here goes.

Lizz and I were in the park the other day because it was so god damn nice out. After traipsing around Shawnee Mission Park for an hour or so, we threw a blanket on the grass and just laid there and looked up and the clouds and stuff. That was it. SERIOUSLY. The funny thing being, we were just lying there, not doing anything, when some pickup truck goes by, and I hear the loudest whistle I've EVER heard. To add to the situation, Lizz makes some shout of affirmation back at the guy.

It was embaressing. Wait till you get cat called in a park. See how you like it.

So that was my one anectdote. I guess I'll just have to make fun of the news now:

Russell Crowe made a shocking revelation in March interview with the Australian GQ magazine. Crowe said that al-Qaeda was seeking to kidnap the movie star prior to the 2001 Oscar Awards based on recorded conversation.

-They should have kidnapped him before they filmed Russell Crowe on a boat: this is longer than it really actually could ever need to be.

British doctors have announced they have cured a man with diabetes by injecting pancreatic cells into his liver.

-That's pretty sweet. The word "pancreatic" is sweet in and of itself though.

A new phone virus dubbed Commwarrior poses a worldwide threat, anti-virus vendors said Tuesday. The virus sends MMS messages without the user's permission, according to F-Secure.

-Now wouldn't that be tragic. Doesn't ['Commwarrior'] sound like some japanese anime program though?

In other news, I logged on to AOL Instant Messanger today and was greeted with a lovely pop-up about this prom's hottest fashions. The main page looked something like this: [AOL Prom Page]. However, I think that AOL is overstepping their boundaries a little bit. Telling me what to wear to prom and all. If it was my call, I'd forcase prom fashions more like [this].

Addendum: Google Search Images for 'prom'. Endless hours of fun.

I was tagging in clothes at my job at the cleaners and came across some linen skirt made by a company called "Flax". I searched them online and apparently they have quite a stranglehold on the linen market. Anyway, I go to safety-pin the tag onto the care tag, when I find this extra little tag behind it. It read:


How freaking weird is that?! VERY. Perhaps the robust women of the plus-size clothing industry have found a way to reproduce asexually as part of a huge plot for global domination. If that doesn't send shivers down your spine, then I don't think you are paying attention.

Hank and I started putting stuff down on paper for our graphic novel, so maybe he'll have some preview sketches I can put up.

Mrs. Reynolds said she'd read my [movie] over the break.
Dunno how that's gonna pan out.

Also over break Lizz and I got through all of Neon Genisis: Evangellion and most of Cowboy Bebop. I feel bad for throwing her into that giant vortex of nerd-dom. But it's her own fault for hanging out with me, and it's the rest of your faults for leaving us here in kasas city while you all go mission trip yourselfs to hell; or in sean's case, young girls.

I just finished Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I saw the trailer for the movie and it looked good, and I'd heard good things, so I read the book. And it was good. I want to read the others too. I highly recommend it. It's a fun and easy read. The next book is called "The Restaraunt at the End of the Universe".

As you know, BrakBlog is going to shut down once highschool ends. I thought maybe "The Blog at the End of the Universe" could be a cool title for my next online endevor. Mrh. Just a thought.

Break's over.
Time to tackle another quarter cowboy.
Don't worry...
You're almost there.

As was prophesized by Tom at 02:21 PM CST
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