Monday, January 31st

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Alright, some postage.
And I don't mean like the kind you mail.
ba-dum-BLAM ('splodes from the lameness).

I'm sick of winter. The first eight snow storms were awesome. Now I'm just sick of risking my cold butt every other day on the crap-riffic roads. I used to enjoy the snow though. [Zero° Kelvin Cline]. Photo gallery and link to antarctica blues so you can watch it again and marvel and its lack of quality.

The other day though we had nice weather, and I was amazed at how my entire attitude changed. I was bright, I was almost chipper. I wanted to run and frolic in a grassy field. Or perhaps I wanted to frolic in a grassy noll. And by frolic I mean kill a president.

On that very same day something novel happened at the dry cleaners. Some girl stopped by and asked if we were hiring. I said no, but


A. that I'd pay her 20 dollars to wash my car.
B. she could work on me all night long.
C. I'd give her the application to fill out and give it to management anyway.

You choose A:
She stamps off mad.

You choose C:
She takes the ap and leaves.

You choose B:
She maces the shit out of me. I respond by:

A. Going crazy and shooting staples at her.
B. Going crazy and shooting her.
C. Going crazy.

You choose A,B,C:
Cops show up. I go to jail.


Today in german Mr. Provencher just randomly asks me how my lifes going. I say "OK" and he responds by making the observation that I've almost always got something interesting to say. I thought maybe he was fishing for something specific... (eg: I got a root canal, I killed my neighbor, etc.) but I eventually figured he wasn't.

I couldn't disappoint him though, so I thought of something interesting to tell him, that I will now relay to you. You know how it's starting to get lighter in the mornings and in the evenings? I've been waiting for that all damn winter/fall. Why? Because we haven't had a light fixture in our breakfast nook for going on a year now. I've been eating by candle light and/or mostly darkness for the better quarter of a year now. It's gotten to the point where, were I to see my food, I wouldn't recognize it, becuase I haven't seen the food I eat in so long.

I want a light fixture so bad... I'm sick of lighting votive candles just so I have enough light by which to guide the metalic shape into the food shape and take a leap of faith as a shove it towards my face, hoping it will find an appropriate opening. It's quite the adventure, but I want it to end. can thank the Big P for that one.

I thought I killed my VCR the other day, it was kinda sad. I shocked the hell out of myself on it and it surged and went all crazy frozen. I unplugged it, then replugged it, and turned it back on. Nothing. Tears. I loved that VCR. I used to record my Adult Swim shows on it... back when I recorded Adult Swim. Also the fact that the last thing I watched on it was some crappy 3rd rate Anime that Katie From Work let me borrow kinda tainted our final parting.

So I got the upstairs VCR which is considerably crappier and put it in downstairs. My dad, being my dad, checked the busted VCR before throwing it away. It works fine. I hadn't plugged it back in all the way. JOY! Good VCR lives to play another day.

It was funny though. The loss of the VCR reminded me of two things:

one- How many movies we have on VHS. It's a mighty crapload, I can tell you. Good ones too, like To Kill a Mockingbird and Runaway Bride (Julia Roberts + Richard Gere = Feel Good Movie of the next 8 Millenia)

two- How depressing a dying media format is. It's like a relative kicking the bucket or something. One day you wake up and realize it's gone. Not like BETA, or SuperDisk. They were doomed from the start. VHS had a birth, a rise, a golden age, and now we're witnessing its fall.

When everything goes digital, they're going to be able to keep you from recording your favorite shows and programs and sporting events and it's going to suck. For this reason, I advise you keep and maintain at least one good VCR with a few good tapes in case of a need-copy emergency.

Sean wrote a hiku into this poem contest about hybrid cars today:

electricity and gas.
together, a car.

I thought it was funny. He submitted it too: [Hybkus].

VCRs are like cowboys.
A little outdated, but dependable.
And always willing to play back your
taped copies of Three's Company

As was prophesized by Tom at 10:09 PM CST
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Friday, January 7th

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First of the Gang to Die

So yeah. Break kinda got away from me, as it frequently does.

Christmas was pretty good. I got a lot of good stuff. Mostly books/movies/music. Actually that's all I got. It was a sad day in the history of Tom when christmas morning was devoid of toys, and so I had to resort to the laser pointer we got for the cat. the more noteable gifts were:

-Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them
The book I lent to Lizz like 5 months ago. She gave it back. Wraped up and everything.

-Paradise Lost
I put this on my list as something for a grandparent to get me so they didn't have to be embaressed buying some indie album at Barnes and Noble, but my parents got it for me. So now I have to read it. And it's frickin' long.

-Chili's Gift Certificate
My family knows me far, far to well.

-The OC Mix 2
Yes I watch the OC. No I didn't ask for this. Yes I'm glad I got it.

-NERV T-Shirt
Nerdy Anime Kid Shirt Sean got me. I love it to death.

What I'd really like for next Christmas though is time. It sounds silly I know, but we had these past two days off school becuase of the weather, and Sean/Hank/I punched out a movie in a little over 24 hours. A good one at that. If we could do that with 2 days devoid of work/school, imagine what we could do with a week, or a month!

I can hear my parents/teachers saying "Hey! You get summer vacation!" Yes we do. And during summer vacation we're expected to do summer homework, get summer jobs, and do more work around the house becuase we're out of school. I suppose that's not an entirely adequate excuse, but still, it's true. Summer's just as busy as school is, only with different crap.

The only solution I can see is that schools should begin to incorporate a more creative aspect into curriculum. When was the last time "creative writing" was a serious assignment in English class? Have your teachers ever assigned you a video essay? I suspect never and no, respectively. The consequences are that this creative energy is forced to find an outlet.

If you're lucky, this happens in a constructive manner. You end up with things like our Lab Safety Video and the most recend M30 Production, Antartctica Blues. However, I'm seldom that lucky.

My creativity spontaneously assaulted me one day while I was eating lunch. I was out by work (Butcrack of KS) and I suddenly felt this urge to go to Oak Park Mall, which I hate. But I went anyway. When I got there I immediately felt uneasy. All the trendy kids with their trendy phones and their trendy money and their trendy whorish clothing. And then I lost it. I started pretending that all the people there were zombies, and that I was the only remaining person alive in the mall. I cautiously edged my way around corners, careful not to touch anyone, lest they eat me.

I ducked into a music store, where perhaps some emo kids had curled up to cry and been left for dead. No luck. Only Dead Amy and Dead Kirsty looking at the latest Brittany Simpsatron Album. Suddenly Brigid Charles comes walking in with her notDead boyfriend Corbin. I run to them and explain my plight, and ask them if they know a way out.

It's here that I realize what had happened. I'd escaped into my own little universe, known only to me. Why? Becuase I hadn't been allowed a proper avenue to explore this thought, it sat in my head, and grew, and grew, and grew, until one it could be contained no more, and I thought it.

Maybe I'm just making up excuses for being crazy. Maybe I'm just scared about getting more crazy. Or maybe it's the opposite. Is it weird little experiances like that which keep me going from day to day? I think it is. It's sad to think that people see that as crazy. Fuck it. I've gone to emo.

That's becuase I'm pretty much out of things to talk about.

New Years was neat. We watched Fargo. Lizz/Emily/Becca hated it. Ethan tolerated it. Sean/I loved it. Then we watched Conan and 2005 began. It's weird. I wasn't settled into 2004 until about August... now it's gone. I had a New Year's Resolution to take school/college more seriously. Somehow I'm not seeing that happen. I'd also like to make the movie I've written.

Come to think of it that's not half bad. By 2006 I will have filmed and completed my movie Waking Up. This way when I don't, you can be legitimately pissed, or if I do, I can get all "told you so".

Finally, on that note, Sean/Hank/I/Anyone Else Wanting to Help are entering the One Minute Film Festival at the Westport Coffee house, Jan 11 at 8:30 pm. That's in like... 4 days. Maybe we should actually make the film.

Sorry about giving up on actual material. I decided that I'm just going to update for the sake of keeping this thing recent, rather than hoarding material for a gigantic post. If crap's happening when I update, so be it. If not, you get rambling and a good tune for the title.

This cowboy's pissed about litterng.

As was prophesized by Tom at 12:57 AM CST
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