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01/18/2006: "Waste of Paint"

Did we all have a good holiday?

I did and didn't. Still too busy freaking out over college stuff to actually enjoy it. I got some pretty cool stuff. PS2, legos, bamboo, a big flashlight, good t-shirts. You can't argue with a day that celebrates irrational cheer and giving stuff to people.

If you'll excuse me here: I've gotta delve right into a rant. You all know how much I hate xanga, right? Case in point: I do. Then one day, far off on the horizon, a new threat was growing. Every day in grew larger, eclipsing the light of day, taking with it all that was good. And lo, it was called 'MySpace'.

MySpace is like DeviantArt on crack. And with more cleaveage. I think we've discussed this before because those MySpace bastards were stealing my images. I got back at them though, so it was ok. In any case, back to the story...

And just as MySpace reared its ugly head, its mouth just hinging open to utter a deafening roar, a flaming lance reined down from the sky, maiming MySpace beyond noteable recognition. Another evil had arrived to usurp the usurper. And lo, it was called 'Facebook'.

I've quested long and far, but never have I seen evil like this. In my travels, I inquired "What the hell is Facebook for?" No one seems to know. Often times people tell me that it's used as a means of communication, and that it reunites people, etc. So it's basically a big phonebook. With more cleaveage. Unlike the phonebook though, you're not allowed to look at it unless you're a member. I dislike that.

LiveJournal and G-Mail are like that, and I care for either, as if to say "Fine. Don't teach me the handshake. I don't care."

There was a piece on the news about how the federal government checks your Facebook account before hiring you as a college intern. It also listed how job agencies are checking it more and more as well. My favorite thing about the whole segment was their advice to teens using Facebook, and I quote the ABC News article exactly:

"Both high schools and colleges are now advising students not to post anything they wouldn't want their parents or a future employer to know."

Good advice, huh? Seems to simple though. To logical. To much like that one thing called... oh, what's it... ah! COMMON SENSE.

I don't understand where people, kids mostly, get this false sense of privacy. Blogs, Facebooks, Xangas, MySpaces, LiveJournals... the whole mess of them, are like big, fat, billboards. What you paint on them gets seen by anyone that happens to drive by.

"What? You mean you could see those death threats I was painting on the side of my house? I had no idea!"


Also: I looked on Wikipedia... apparently I'm not [the only one who's interested].

Tonight I was watching Lou Dobbs Tonight. Normally CNN doesn't turn me off, but Lou just wasn't cutting it this evening. He had a Catholic Jesuit priest on to talk about the Catholic Church's recent actions asking Americans to vote down the Border Security bill that's come up in the house.

I'm not really Catholic, any more at least, but I do like the Jesuits. The whole social justice thing is really cool of them, and I wish more emphasis was put on it, in any case: It just makes sense that the church would take such a stance. This legislation would trap thousands of people in Mexico where it's hard to find work and just generally kind of sucks. Church says this is to hard on human rights, and the bill doesn't consider the more human aspect of the issue.

And Lou gets his panties in a bunch about the church interfereing in politics! And bitching out a priest for promoting social justice on the political level would have been one thing, but then he goes and gets BAY BUCHANAN (wife of village idiot Pat Buchanan) to talk about how absurd it is that these 'illigals' are breaking the law.

So it went basically like this:
[If you don't know who Lou and Bay are, I suggest a quick google image search, and the following will be much more entertaining:]

LOU: Religious left is promoting what?
JESUIT: Human ri-
LOU: THAT'S AN OUTRAGE! Religion in politics! What madness.
JESUIT: But Lou, look at abortion, it happens all the ti-
LOU: You should be ashamed of yourself. Lets go to Bay.
BAY: Hi Lou.
LOU: Hey there, hot cheeks. How's that wall comin'?
BAY: Pretty good. We should have it almost done by this summer, separating the United States from the torublesome southern half of the continent.
LOU: Did you make sure to burry all the real issues underneath it?
BAY: Of COURSE! Trade discrepancies and racist tendancies were the first things we poured the cement on.
LOU: Keep up the good work.

So yeah. I freakin' hate Lou Dobbs now.

Silver Lining / Storm Cloud Alert:
Bush wants guest worker visas so his corporate buddies have cheap, semi-legal labor. HardRighties don't like having porus borders. They're going to duke it out in congress. Republicans fighting republicans. It's like a late Christmas present. A gift card. A gift card that the democrats will lose in the couch and only find when the value's dwindled away and it's no longer of any use.

Has anyone watched the Abrams report recently? Wolf Blitzer is off reporting about Sharon and the war and Alito, and all MSNBC can muster is this halfassed story about some guy that disappeared off a cruise ship. I expect this crap from A Current Affair and Heraldo Live, but MSNBC carrying this stupid thing? Abrams played a clip for the Oprah Winfery Show for god's sake.

It's like that damn Natalie Hollaway thing: Depressing, unfortunate, but ultimately: irrelevant. I can sympathize to some extent, but who really cares. Sean Hannity being down in Aruba doesn't really make his bullshit any more compelling. It's not like he's going to personally find her himself, just like Abrams isn't going find the Cruise Ship Guy by ranting about the 'court of public oppinion' every damn afternoon.

So yeah. The news drives me crazy.

Here come cowboys
Here to save us all
Here come cowboys
They're so well inside the law
Here come cowboys
They're no fun at all

[Isn't that the real tragedy?]

Replies: 4 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

that blog lasted me like 10 minutes, and that's with other distractions. The other 40 I was promised better come from somewhere.

Said [Lizz] on Wednesday, January 18th

basically, lizz wants porn.

Said [Murph] on Thursday, January 19th

or sexual favors

Said [Lizz] on Monday, January 23rd

or both!
[get to work, tom.]

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