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07/29/2005: "Where Soul Meets Body"

Rachel Klem, I salute you.

I think that's the most photogenic I've ever been.

Here's another:

She's on vacation, so I can embaress her.

I'm done with pictures now.

I got a new lego set the other day, it's of the ARC-170 from Revenge of the Sith.

Seriously, done with pictures now. But that thing is totally worth every penny I paid (all four million of them). Three clone guys, a droid, and the ship- oh. I can't even communicate the level of awesomeness it posesses.

I need more legos. And more time.

The other day I had to go to church to do candles. This basically means me and Erin have to cover for this job my mom volunteered for and now can't do becuase she's working more. This task entails changing out 80-some-odd votive candles, and 4 or 5 big ones. I hate this job and I hate candles. I got so mad trying to get the silver top thing off of one of the big candles that I threw it onto the ground. The silver thing came off fine. I did it with the next. It worked again. before I knew it I was throwing expensive silver onto the ground in a rather angry nature.

I'm hoping I get banned from doing candles.

Erin's taking a driver's education course. I have to take her. I feel like a driving zombie getting up at 8 am for the little 7 minute ride there. On the way back I roll the windows down and blast oldies to keep myself awake. Sometimes though I think back to my driver's ed days. I remembered how terrible of a driver I was then. And then I realize that I'm still a bad driver now, only in different and more intentional ways.

You're supposed to turn the wheel "hand over hand". I turn the car by grabbing the wheel, and spinning it like the wheel on the price is right, and hitting the gas. It's awesome.

Speaking of roads though... they've torn up my entire neighborhood.

I swear it's a conspiracy just to inconvenience me on my way to work.

Laura Thomas mentioned that she was looking at a college in chicago (where I am also school-looking) and we had the following conversation:

Daemon1330: You should do the chicago thing. we could hang out and ride the public transportation system.
ladybug7685: haha that'd be fun...ridin' the l
Tom and Laura's Chicago adventure:

Us riding the el.
Us at the sears tower.
Us in south Chicago.
Us getting shot at.
Laura leaving Tom for dead on a street corner.

I know this has been kinda disjointed, but I'm feeling weird and putting off doing more work for Waking Up, but there was the blog and it's numerous illustrations and failing attempts to entertain.

Cowboys prefer pictures.
And shotguns.
But mostly pictures.

Replies: 5 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

what can i say? im awesome. but not quite as awesome as those legos.

Said [rach] on Friday, July 29th

in that picture, is lizz near something/someone that is on fire? is that really safe?

Said [brigid] on Friday, July 29th

Which Chicago school are you looking at? Loyola's pretty much my number two school....and looking like where I'll go...maybe I could tag along once. :)

Said [Becca] on Friday, July 29th

I have no comment

Said [Keenan] on Saturday, July 30th

hey. i am going to be living in chicago, too. do not forget me.

Said [emily] on Monday, August 8th