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09/09/2004: "Places Named After Numbers"

So this entry is going to kind of suck because I've been lacking in material as of late, so whatever.

Work today was weird. I was all depressed and tired, and thought I was going to have to quit to keep up in school. Or drop some honors classes to hang on to my job. Or both. It was sad. Then things then seemingly got worse but then really actually got better.

So I'm in one the mandatory 5 good moods of the year. Being that I saw Bowie on my birthday, coupled with random probability, this is probably the last one I've got, so I'll spend it blogging.

A while ago when we had a half day, after filming our video (which I'll get to in a second) Sean and I needed to get back into the school. They let us in, but they made officer Lark 'escourt' us to Sean's locker. It was kind of embaressing. I was being escorted ala Prom Royalty and I didn't even have my make up on...

The weird thing we saw though was witnessed in the commons/cafeteria. Except it wasn't the friendly food-eating-good-times-sharing place we were used to. It had, in a matter of hours, been transformed into a depressing look ACT-prep-test-grading-sweatshop. The teachers were all there, sitting 8 to a table, rifling through giant stacks of scantron sheets, putting them into binders, labling the binders, passing them off to another table. All with this hustle-and-bustle chatter in the background and I thought I heard cotton gins as well.

I'm not sure though.

Later on that night I had dinner at Hank's. Accidentally. I showed up to get him so we could go to Sean's to finish editing the movie (I'm GETTING THERE!), but he hadn't eaten yet, so his mom set me a place. Mind you, I'd already eaten dinner, but I've got this weird compulsion where I can't pass up free anything (unless it's something crappy, like herpes), and also, Dinner At Hank's ensures hillarity.

It was actually pretty benign though. His parents asked us about the ACT prep thing, and we went off about how the science section was so lame (WTF is a tectite?!) and so on. His brother seemed to lose the capability of speech, which I thought was funny. After Hank yelled at them and I'd finished eating, we were off!

Of to the abode of Sean, to do the editing for this Chemistry Video we had to make. The actual assignment was to make a video to demonstrate a select few rules of lab safety. Sean and I though, had to go fucking insane. With Kate in tow we wove an intricate plot in spoofery of action-adventure-spy movies. It turned out with a hugely larger degree of success than did our first school-movie endevor.

So, without further bantering, I present to you:

An M30 Productions Film
Written by Tom Hogan and Sean Svadlenak
Staring Sean Svadlenak and Kate Maxwell
With Tom Hogan and Hank Eddins

[WWE 446]

(If issues arrise with viewing, talk to me or Sean, we'll do what we can to help you out. Trust me, it's totally worth the effort.)

Click the above link to watch the online stream of our most ambitious film effort to date. I'm hoping to get cuts of Diamonds and Gunfights up, as well as our breakout hit, Gundam Fight One. I'll keep you posted.

Recently my parents bought this giant thing of Gatorade. You're not even supposed to drink out of it, I don't think. It's like a Gatorade Resivouire. Except spelled correctly. Anyway, I kept thinking about all the fun I could have with it:

Punch a spigot into it and drink it in little mouthfulls via crappily made paper cups

Fill a bunch of paper cups up at once, and set them out in a perfect grid-like pattern on the table, only to have a muscular football player run into it, causing hillarity to ensue.

The third idea was just to pour it all over myself, like in the Gatorade commericals. I could be cool like them, and my life would have meaning and be fulfilled. Or maybe not.

I settled on one final idea though. I'm going to chug the entire thing as a sort of victory gesture, after I successfully invade, rape, pillage, and obliderate the Banana Republic. I'll then rebuild it as the Orange County, with at least one Green Acre.

Like I said... it's been a messed up week. I'm sorry I don't have anything better for you. Screenplay is done, that's good news. Actual work on it begins soon.

Plus there's the whole Tamagotchi ordeal. We'll save that one for later though.

This cowboy's all about lab safety.
Back in LA
On the Force
Where we used to be friends

Replies: 12 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygine

god i always feel like i need to correct your spelling and use of phrases after i read your entries

two thumbs up. fine holiday fun.

Said [ethan] on Thursday, September 9th

Mmm, melts like ice in your mouth.

Said [Hank] on Thursday, September 9th

Damnit, damnit, damnit! Is @brakblog.com fucked up? Could you put a link to the login page on this page, cause it's not letting me go... and it's not my internet security or anything.

Said [Lydia] on Thursday, September 9th


Said [Lydia (again)] on Thursday, September 9th

Dude, that was so frigging awesome. I want some Soviet death moon ore.

Said [Annie] on Thursday, September 9th

Your movie is cheering me up.

Said [Annie] on Saturday, September 11th

tectites are from zelda

Said [josh] on Saturday, September 11th

i LOVED it!! Way to go guys!

Said [Becca] on Sunday, September 12th

you guys already know how much i love that damned video. it's created a monster out of me... i keep watching it and laughing hysterically instead of doing my homework.

Said [allegra] on Sunday, September 12th

again, I am in CAD.

for some reason the official name of Gundam Fight 0ne is spelled with a zero instead of an O for the first letter of 'one.'

It just is.

Said [sean] on Wednesday, September 15th

whoa, is that SEAN?

Said [allegra] on Wednesday, September 15th

oh I feel special! Like a movie star. (kind of) I love that people like it! Lets make more movies!

Said [Kate] on Sunday, September 19th